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From the Desk of Dr Juan Hancke, Ph.D.,

Dr Juan Hancke
Chief Science Officer
NHR Science

Dear Friend,

I am so happy YOU decided to give CitruSlim®  a try.

You just took one of the most meaningful steps of your weight loss journey!

You’ve just unlocked the secret to losing weight, resetting your metabolism, and stabilizing your hormones. The good news is, we’re finishing up your order, and that’ll be done in just a minute…

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Dr. Hancke has published over 80 scientific papers and has an astounding 20 patents. Since 1980 he has been investigating medicinal plants, beginning with four years at the Swedish Herbal Institute in Sweden, where he studied the immunomodulating properties of Andrographis paniculata [ParActin®] and collaborating closely with Universities and Research Centers all over the world, including USA, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy and Chile.

In fact, these two steps work together so well that leaving this page before considering the information I’m about to tell you could actually affect your results.

But you’ve just shown yourself that you’re serious about taking control of your weight, metabolism, and hormones…

And that’s why I knew you needed to hear about how vital this second step is to see the results you desire and deserve even faster!

This second step is combining the CitruSlim® you just bought with BlissCare™.

BlissCare™ is already helping women and men everywhere to improve their focus, reduce anxiety, and boost their libido…

And it’s helping them to start losing weight even faster!

You might be wondering, “What is BlissCare™” and “What makes it so effective?”

And that’s simple:

BlissCare™ boosts our chief happiness hormone, dopamine!

And that’s important because modern-day life leaves us with chronically low dopamine levels!

So how did we end up with low dopamine levels?

The food industry has hijacked our “chemical factory” in our brain from an early age. So, we crave their unhealthy, addictive food… and whenever we eat it, our brain rewards us with a burst of dopamine.

But as fast as our dopamine is produced… it’s used up on unhealthy food rewards. So that means we don’t have enough for everything else we need it for, such as mood, memory, and much more.

The simple fact is, you need more dopamine because when you do, you’ll enjoy a better mood, have increased well-being, and feel more lust for life.

You might be wondering how BlissCare™ can do all of this…

And I’m excited to tell you exactly how it works!

You may be thinking that BlissCare™  would need to have at least 5 – 10 different ingredients to do all that.

So it will probably surprise you to know that BlissCare only has one ingredient. And that’s because I don’t like “kitchen sink”  formulations” so I only include the best ingredients possible.

In this case… I only needed to include one.

So let’s meet our mood-boosting

“Magic Dopamine Bean”. . .

Mucuna pruriens is also known as the Velvet Bean or Dopa Bean.

This natural herbal supplement is an adaptogen and has an almost magical ability to improve motivation, well-being, energy, and sex drive.*

And it can also decrease the tendency to overeat.*

Mucuna pruriens contains high levels of naturally occurring L-dopa, which is the precursor to dopamine. Unlike pharmaceuticals and other substances, L-dopa can cross the blood-brain barrier and aid the body in creating the fantastic feel-good hormone dopamine.*

BlissCare™ has been professionally formulated to be a quick and convenient way to help your body create dopamine so you can have:

  • Better Energy Levels*

  • More Motivation*

  • An Increased Sex Drive*

  • Better Quality Sleep*

  • Less Stress*

Add BlissCare™ to your order right now for:
$39.95 a bottle…

Or if you buy 3, you’ll get one FREE!

And If You Buy 5 – You Get 2 FREE!

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Remember, you’re covered by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.
You have a full 60 days to try out BlissCare™  for NO risk.

Either it works the way you’ve dreamed of… or you let me know, and I’ll refund your money ASAP. No questions asked.

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Remember when I told you that getting BlissCare™ is the next most important step you can take on your weight loss journey?

That’s because BlissCare™ doesn’t just work right alongside CitruSlim® – It works with CitruSlim® to help you shed those unwanted pounds and improve your overall health. From the inside out.

You can see why BlissCare™ is about to become an essential part of your daily weight loss and “New You” journey.

So, act now and add BlissCare™ to your order today!

The only decision left is: which option is best for you?

It’s so important that I get this into as many people’s hands as possible – So, I’ve made BlissCare™ as affordable as I can.

But to be honest with you, the BIGGEST and BEST savings is the 5-month supply. On top of getting the biggest savings and a FREE bottle, you also ‘don’t need to worry about running out.

You also lock in your supply so you can get back to your optimal health and shed those unwanted pounds. Because we typically get as many of our ingredients from sustainable locations harvest issues can be a genuine risk at certain times of the year. On top of that, I’ve found that as soon as someone tries BlissCare™ and starts feeling their stress and mood improve…

They start ordering more!

I know you’re going to love BlissCare™…

And I know that once you start using it every day, you’re not going to want to stop… So that’s is why I’m giving you the option to stock up right now while it’s on the shelves.

Your entire order is covered by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. You have a full 60 days to try out BlissCare™ for NO risk.

Either it works the way you’ve dreamed of… or you let me know, and I’ll refund your money ASAP.

No Questions Asked!

I can’t wait to hear about your success with CitruSlim® & BlissCare™!

Dr Juan Hancke ~ Chief Science Officer, NHR Science

A Winning & Weight Losing Combination!

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